Queer Haus

We are a group of Berlin queers and have a burning desire to create a social media space where we queers and sex workers are free to share what we want without fear of getting blocked. We know that many platforms sell our data, surveil our profiles and monitor our relations. This is a place to organise ourselves, a place of queer knowledge and community.

We want to fill this space with queer experimentation, utopian thought, social critique and lots of self affirming nudity! Here all nipples are welcome and you are free to post all of your sexiness. Just mark nudity as “sensitive”, so you let others consent to viewing it, if they want to.

Try to be mindful of others: their experience or inexperience, privilege or lack thereof. No Body Police: Bodies are political. No Grammar Police: Language is political. This is no space for hate speech, bullying, trolling or hostility.

We will never sell your data nor share it with third parties. We have no external trackers or analytics. Everything is hosted in Germany. Costs are covered by donations.

This is a labour of love from volunteers and an ongoing experiment. This process will be imperfect and we plan to improve as we go. We wish for engagement, joy, compassion and queer futures. We want you to post silly and useful things and be here with us.

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