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Who we are

We are a group of Berlin queers with a burning desire to create a social media space where we queers and sex workers are free to share what we want without fear of getting blocked. We know that many platforms sell our data, surveil our profiles and monitor our relations. This is a place to organise ourselves, a place of queer knowledge and community.

This website is our planet in the distributed social media network called "the fediverse". Much like email where you are free to choose your own provider like gmail or hotmail, with the fediverse you are free to choose your own "instance" in this network. Each instance can have its own rules and policies.

We are NOT building a new centralised and monetised app. We want to break away from monopolistic corporate structures. We want to help build a new type of internet governed by smaller communities instead of huge US companies. This is our space, where we get to define our own identity. This is where we make our own rules.

No monitoring. No ads. No censorship. No data collection.

Code of conduct

We want to fill this space with queer experimentation, utopian thought, social critique and lots of self affirming nudity!

Here all nipples are welcome and can be freely posted. You are even free to post all of your sexiness, just be sure to mark it as "sensitive", so you let others consent to viewing it, if they want to.

Try to be mindful of others: their experience or inexperience, privilege or lack thereof. No Body Police: Bodies are political. No Grammar Police: Language is political.

This is no space for hate speech, bullying, trolling, hostility or any of the following: Racism ~ Ageism ~ Sexism ~ Ableism ~ Classism ~ Fatphobia ~ Colourism ~ Classism ~ SWERFS (Sex worker exclusionary radical feminism) ~ Homophobia ~ Biphobia ~ Transphobia ~ TERFS (trans-exclusionary radical feminism)

Your data

We will never sell your data nor share it with third parties. We have no external trackers or analytics. Everything is hosted in Germany. Costs are covered by donations. Systems are maintained by a small volountary team of queers. This process will be imperfect and we plan to improve as we go. This is a labour of love from volunteers and an ongoing experiment.

Invites only

Currently we are running on invites only, send us an email if you'd like to join!

How to use this platform

Leaving the the maintstream platforms behind comes with a bit of learning. We are here with guides and tips to help you take this jump into queer technical freedom!

Federation and communities

Queer Haus is one of many communities in the larger "fediverse". These communities are also sometimes called servers or instances. Each community in the fediverse has its own domain, such as queer.haus or post.lurk.org. Each of these can have their own code of conduct and rules. All of these are interconnected across the internet. This type of decentralised network is called federation, hence the the name "fediverse".

In these communities there can be many users, you might see @dolphin@queer.haus or @rra@post.lurk.org. Users that are in the same community as yourself are shown without the domain like @dolphin. When you compose a post you can mention any of these users, your message will find it's way to them across this interconnected web.

Allowlist and blocking

Our main goal is to create a safe queer space, so we are running this server in allowlist-mode. This means that federation and posts are only allowed with other communities that we know and trust. So for queer.haus we are curating a small queer slice of the fediverse.

If you don't like this limitation, you can create as many accounts in as many communities as you want. So if you are curious about interacting with the larger fediverse, there are many other communities that offer this. Check out joinmastodon.org

Post visibility

Every time you compose a new post, you get to choose who can see it. This is stored per post and cannot be changed after a post has been created.

We do our best to keep your posts and data safe, but always keep in mind that like with any social media, anything posted on the internet can be screenshotted or copy pasted. In this section we explain who can see your posts and how they can spread, so you can decide what is best for the things you want to share.

Public posts

Posts marked as public will be shown to all users on queer.haus, and also be visible and spread to other communities that we federate with. Use this setting when you want to announce public information that can freely be spread around the fediverse.

Local-only posts

Here at queer.haus we run an alternative version of Mastodon called Hometown, this version allows you to create posts that stay private in our local community. This is great for posting about things you only want to share with queer.haus. These posts stay on our servers and will not be visible to the greater fediverse.

Followers-only posts

Just like with Instagram or Twitter you can set your account to be private. This is the easiest way to create your own private sphere of friends and requires you to approve each new follower. Others can still see your "Public" and "Local-only" posts, but your "Followers-only" posts will only be visible to your approved followers.

Users from other communities than queer.haus can also request to follow you, and if you approve them, your followers-only posts will then be copied to that community and visible to the users you approve.

Attention: This also means that the admins of those communities will be able to see your posts as they are then stored on their servers.

Direct messages

Direct messages can only be seen by the users you mention by username, so this can also be used for group conversations. Keep in mind that messages on Mastodon are not encrypted and can potentially be seen by admins in our team. If you mention users from other communities, also their admins can potentially see your messages.

This is the same as on any other social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Grindr, etc. But with the major difference that we will not algorithmically analyse your messages to better target ads to you.

For all these reasons, please use an encrypted messaging app like Signal for truly private chats with trusted friends. For more info on secure and private communication tools check out privacytools.io

Who can see me?

Since the fediverse is made up of many different people, communities and servers across the internet, it is important to establish what is visible where and how a post might spread.

Your profile info is always public. Users in our community and communities that we federate with can search for your username and find you. They will then see your name, avatar, header image, profile description, the number of posts and followers you have. On your profile they will ONLY see your Public posts, no other posts are visible by default.

Attention: Your profile information can leak out to communities outside those that we have chosen to federate with. Whenever someone from another community follows you or you reply to one of their posts, their server will save a copy of your profile for quick access. This profile copy can then be seen by other communities, outside of our initial circle.

This is the nature of a federated network of communities and cannot be changed, so please keep it in mind when you choose your avatar and header images. That they can spread. This does NOT affect "Local-only" posts. ONLY your profile info and "Public" posts can freely spread out to the fediverse.

Apps on mobile

There are many mobile apps that can be used to access queer.haus. Mastodon curates a list of the most popular ones. The sad thing is that the creator of Mastodon currently does not believe in "Local-only" posting. This means that no apps support this feature.

To get around this limitation, we offer a setting in your preferences where you can select if you want your posts from apps to be treated as "Local-only" or not. This is enabled by default.
Go to the settings page - "Force all posts made by apps to be local only"

Web app on mobile

Another way to access all of queer.haus features on your phone is to use the website directly as a web app. For Android users this works very well, almost like a real app. On iPhone this works too, but does not support push notifications.

On iPhone: Click the share button, choose "Add to home screen". Now you have a new app with our logo and design, yay!

On Android: ?